Zeno Clash Hace Olitas en la Red

Por si no lo sabían, nuestro crédito como producto nacional, el esperado Zeno Clash, debutó esta semana oficialmente para ser descargado a través de la plataforma Steam. Y los comentarios alrededor de la cuadra están sabrosos. Sobre todo porque en su gran mayoría son altamente positivos.

También el juego ha tenido varios comentarios y reseñas. Nuestros créditos locales de Niubie y LagZero ya hicieron una, además de postear links a otros medios que han comentado el juego. Por mi parte, quisiera sumar algunas más:

«Zeno Clash feels French somehow, which is something that’s worth expressing regardless of the fact that it was developed in Chile. If games aren’t only geographically evocative for us then us saying that Zeno Clash feels like it was ripped from a surrealist French graphic novel will tell you a lot about the game.» Bit.Tech

«I’ve just dispatched a birdman, a guy with a pig face and now I’m about to take on some kind of huge rhino thing. The bird and pig felt my knuckles, but this guy is going to get the special treatment – a big, ruddy pole to the face. This is going to be sweeeet. Zeno Clash is just plain brutal and quite brilliant.»Indie Games

«Something that really makes the game shine is the fantastic style throughout. Much like a Guillermo Del Toro film the creators have really nailed a look that is equal parts fantastic and cool yet at the same time quite horrible and unsettling.»TigSource

Andrés Bordeu, de Ace Team -el estudio detrás del juego-,  habló recién con los chicos de LagZero para relatarles las emocionantes 24 horas desde la salida del juego, además de las posibilidades de parches y material descargable a futuro. Vale la pena.

Y bueno, también es interesante además revisar el buzz en Twitter. Revisando a través de la caja de búsqueda (#zenoclash), uno se puede encontrar con muchísimas opiniones y menciones hacia el juego. Algunas de ellas, seleccionados por este servidor:

«Zeno Clash not too shabby.» — @rabei

«it’s gonna take all day to download Zeno Clash.» — @Bboy_Izilla

«v: I’m pirating Zeno Clash, how does that makes you feel?» — @4chanbot

«Well, looks like no ones up for L4D =/ Might give Zeno Clash a go.» — @SeanPincombe

«Zeno Clash is exquisite! Also brutal, also insane, also a little bit clunky. Mostly exquisite though. BUY NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT!» — @SuperChimpanzee

«Enjoying kicking butt in Zeno Clash!» — @Hellboy1975

«Zeno Clash looks like just the kind of game I’ve been itching for. I really hope we see more adventure fighting games like this and God Hand» — @Tuoni

«Played Zeno Clash yesterday. Although it’s not a great game I must say I admire its derring-do … just like in the ol’ Amiga days.» — @HHoybye

«on’t tell my wife (or any sane person) but I’m in love with Deadra in Zeno Clash! I think I just like people with horns.» — @GoVague

«Zeno Clash is awesome. More melee combat needs the ability to repeatedly knee folks in the face.» — @HermitUK

«Well, I had no more games while I waited for Zeno Clash. Now I have Zeno Clash. Go Zeno Clash!» — @Hammertime90210

«Just played through Zeno Clash. Was much better than I was expecting. Will recommend it.» — @cdbarrett

«I’m playing tag team Zeno Clash with David; when he dies I play, and vice versa. It is fun, weird and intense.» — @MissHollyHocks

«Zeno Clash is a brilliant piece of surreal gaming. That involves punching monsters in the face. But damn, the weirdness. Too awesome.» — @magnumt