Manifiesto Gamer

El sitio A Pointless Waste of Time (tsk, tsk) publicó un genial manifiesto gamer de veinte puntos, a propósito de esta séptima generación de consolas. Personalmente, me representó prácticamente en todos los puntos. Pero esta es mi favorita, a propósito de ‘cargar’ un juego:

How in the name of Islamic Fonzie did we ever let games get away with «Loading…» screens? The Gamecube doesn’t have those, not on the games made by Nintendo. Hell, the 8-bit NES didn’t have load screens 20 years ago. Our favorite TV shows don’t load. DVD movies don’t load between scenes. The animals at the zoo don’t load.

Yes, the hardware can do it. But developers don’t think it’s important.

Think of it this way. When you’re bored at work, what do you play? Solitaire. Why? Because you don’t have to spend 5 minutes looking for a CD-ROM, 5 minutes watching corporate logos and 5 minutes watching load screens. You click and you play.

Game designers: we’re really busy. Lots of us got kids now, and second jobs and mistresses on the side. You want to sell your console games to the millions of people who are lucky to get 30 uninterrupted minutes to play a game? Fix this first.

Demonios, no podría estar más de acuerdo.